Support girls education with x She's the First

Support girls education with x She's the First

A recent UNESCO report estimates that over 130 million girls around the world are out of school today. At the forefront of changing that statistic is one of our favorite non-profits, She's the First, an organization that fights gender inequality by supporting girls who will be the first in their families to graduate high school and trains students everywhere to be global citizens.

Thanks to She’s the First, girls from low income countries are receiving the opportunity to receive scholarships, mentorship, healthcare, and housing for the first time. Over the past several years, She’s the First has become a worldwide movement inspiring people to take action and contribute to the cause in many forms.

Introducing the x She's the First collaboration, a seven piece sticker and accessories collection featuring girl power-inspired designs and benefitting the She's the First Scholarship Fund. We're proud to announce that 10% of all purchases from this collection will be donated directly to the She’s the First Scholarship Fund.

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Together we fight for female rights...

because a girl with an education is UNSTOPPABLE,
and a woman is WHATEVER SHE WANTS TO BE.
~GRL PWR every hour~

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